The Veil Has Been Lifted: The Next Hundred Years, Our Cosmic Family

“This is the I AM. Life abounds in all galaxies. Earth is one of these where life flourishes. You are not alone. Why does Earth life seem so exceptional? The nature of it, the variety, the multitudes?

“We, the seven of this teacher, today announce that in the next hundred years humanity will learn its rank in the cosmic family. You will see who you are and, because of that, greater value each other. You will see that many solar systems (not all) harbor unique species like humans, and you will learn a relationship to their values and realize your own heritage.

“Earth humans are honored among the cosmic elders. We have observed you for all your days. We have kindled your spiritual visions. We have now lifted the veil of confusion—because you are ready to know us. It is time to live in awareness of the whole forces that abound.

“Humanity, our family, we welcome you today into the fourth dimension physical, wherein attunement to our presence is more facile and accessible. The veil is gone. We are accessible to any who does not worry of our intentions, but recognizes our connection to you.

“We are all a part of The One Life. We, too, have a reverence for the magnificence of the cosmos. We, too, value the uniqueness of human thought and capacity. For we are you. We are your ancestors.

“We now open the way for you to know us. Not only a handful of you, by thought and vibration, but whomever of you is able to accept that we are all humanity. You are not alone.

For now, simply know this: There is much to share, which we seven of this teacher will be doing as time passes, so that you may come to know not only who we are, but who you are. Humanity has always been.

“Earth is the most recent, and the most remarkable in terms of the multitudes of life forms. Value your earth. Cherish it. It needs you now.

“Your earth and seas are at a critical ‘natural’ juncture, but it does require your respect and your help. Do not take your world for granted. With wisdom and forethought you can protect the changes’ magnitude. With Insight and Attunement, you can be aware.

“Be aware, humanity. Listen. Feel. and Trust. Life is upon you. And we are with you. You are not alone.”//

Humanity is in an evolutionary genetic leap, right now, the second only since our origin as humans. Copyright 2011, Charol Messenger (see page “About this blog”). New books being published now. Positive personal comments welcomed.

About Charol Messenger

This blog offers Higher Self messages and insights on how to live spiritually in a world in transformation. Written in meditation, it comes from the I AM Universal Consciousness, Oversoul Samuel, Angels of Serendipity who oversee the Akashic Records, and ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is written to all humanity, giving us uplifting inspired visions of what is happening in the world. It includes forecasts and predictions of world and cosmic events and humanity's physical and spiritual evolution ... as well as how to deal with all the changes in a positive and constructive way and make the most of our lives, no matter what else is occurring around us or in the world. Charol Messenger activated into cosmic consciousness in 1975 during a spontaneous mystical awakening and oversoul merge. She is a global clairvoyant with enhanced empathy.
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One Response to The Veil Has Been Lifted: The Next Hundred Years, Our Cosmic Family

  1. Charol, I love reading your articles. They are always thought-provoking and inspiring. Thank you for your continued conscious evolution. XO Bonnie Kelley

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