Cosmic Window: The Looking Glass

from the I AM Consciousness (3:00 a.m. MT)

“This next month, Dec. 21st to Jan. 21st, is your personal expansion. It is the time when you release doubt. It is the time when you evaluate your ideals that you have followed as a way to measure your life purpose.

“Now is the time to realize your more imaginative prospects. What has drawn you to re-evaluate the people and relationships in your life? What has brought you to taking a different approach to your actions, such as your livelihood? Are you in the work that helps you to be the more creative individual you were born to be? How does your work serve your need to be an inquiring, evolving person? How does your job provide personal expansion in your talents? These are a few of the self-evaluation questions that generate, now, how you are as remarkable a human being as you always had hoped might be true.

“Life is a choice. It is not which job, but how it helps you to learn integration. It isn’t which skills, but how they teach you your gifts that help others. It isn’t which talents, but how they lift up others—through you.

“Use this time to feel who you are at the core of your Identity. How do you live in the center of your Self, and still be reasonable with those who are in your home? How do you see your grace, and still be involved with others in a clear way when truth is essential? How do you live by your kindness, when others are out of their own and you must not allow them to damage you?

“The 21st to the 21st is a time to be in your own Ideal Self and, at the same time, present in life. It is a time that is crucial to growing your Full Potential as a human being, while at the same time remain thoughtful of those in your life who have no inner realization of their value.

“How do you do this? How do you remain calm in the midst of other people’s calamities? How do you remain in friendship when another is cruel?

“You can only heal yourself. You cannot teach another how to be involved with the goodness in this life. You cannot teach others how to be thoughtful and to value the good that is already in them. You can only heal yourself. By this example, you reflect to any who observe you how to live humbly and with reason, how to live lightly and with optimism. Teach by living in your humility.

“The 21st to the 21st is a window. This is the Looking Glass. See yourself. Be the evolving self—one who is always centering in hope, one who is engaged by the world’s goodwill (more than the resistance to charity), one who is empowered by an inner Light.

“Holding Light—your light—is the gift of an evolving spiritual human. There is no one measuring you. You measure yourself. Live in your Light, and the answers will clarify: Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I in this relationship? How does this relationship help me to be a giving person, without indulging in dysfunction? How does this job help me to better express my creative insight?

“Life’s questions abound. Evaluate, again. Be your Light. What does this mean? Live your value.”

Charol Messenger’s prophetic book Wings of Light: Knowing the angels who guide you is available at Also at and on Kindle. Humanity is in an evolutionary genetic leap, right now, the second only since humanity began. The new 26,500-year Cosmic Age onset with the 2011 autumnal equinox. Copyright 2011, all contents, in whole and in part, Charol Messenger.  

About Charol Messenger

This blog offers Higher Self messages and insights on how to live spiritually in a world in transformation. Written in meditation, it comes from the I AM Universal Consciousness, Oversoul Samuel, Angels of Serendipity who oversee the Akashic Records, and ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is written to all humanity, giving us uplifting inspired visions of what is happening in the world. It includes forecasts and predictions of world and cosmic events and humanity's physical and spiritual evolution ... as well as how to deal with all the changes in a positive and constructive way and make the most of our lives, no matter what else is occurring around us or in the world. Charol Messenger activated into cosmic consciousness in 1975 during a spontaneous mystical awakening and oversoul merge. She is a global clairvoyant with enhanced empathy.
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2 Responses to Cosmic Window: The Looking Glass

  1. jasonswartz says:

    Now is a great time for spiritual advancement. Keep on inspiring your fellow souls. Much love and keep up your individuality so that we may all become aware of the infinite shades of that beloved Oneness

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Hi, Charol,

    What you have done is amazing…so much work out now. I read your I Am Consciousness writings and love them especially the one just sent out, “Cosmic Window…The Looking Glass”…absolutely goes to the “heart” of everything and everyone.

    I think of you often and just wanted you to know I support you through energy everyday. I am going to order your book out now…Wings of Light…Knowing the Angels Who Guide You…I want to give some to friends also for Christmas. Your sight is
    being fixed so let me know when I am able to order them.

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