Build Your Vision

from the I AM consciousness

“Humanity, open your hearts. This is how you get through the upheavals. Rely on your goodwill. This is what reveals opportunities. You are not in the difficulties alone. Spirit is in your inborn vision. Build the vision. The rest unfolds as the personal dream roots in the substantial world. Believe in your own personal wisdom. It is always in you.”

About Charol Messenger

This blog offers Higher Self messages and insights on how to live spiritually in a world in transformation. Written in meditation, it comes from the I AM Universal Consciousness, Oversoul Samuel, Angels of Serendipity who oversee the Akashic Records, and ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is written to all humanity, giving us uplifting inspired visions of what is happening in the world. It includes forecasts and predictions of world and cosmic events and humanity's physical and spiritual evolution ... as well as how to deal with all the changes in a positive and constructive way and make the most of our lives, no matter what else is occurring around us or in the world. Charol Messenger activated into cosmic consciousness in 1975 during a spontaneous mystical awakening and oversoul merge. She is a global clairvoyant with enhanced empathy.
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One Response to Build Your Vision

  1. paserafin says:

    Marvelous! Thank you for sharing this today!

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