Equinox Four-Day Integration of Your Full Soul Consciousness

from the Infinite Consciousness

“The equinox is tomorrow. In this vibration, which peaks on the 22nd, is a frequency of your Higher Self energy. This is a key period, once a year, when it is easier to open your own heart to the Divine Presence. So, this is the most potent period for deep meditations.

“To open your own heart, now breathe in the Full Breath. Feel it flow into and through you—steadily, slowly. Feel it resonate in your crown (top of your head). Feel it vibrate through your whole body.

“The Divine Breath is the way to feel your own Full Consciousness. Bring it in. Now.


“Now, today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday—give yourself at least one full hour each day of feeling the Divine Breath. Bring it in.

“To harmonize your Higher Self integration into your brain and body, two hours of this deep breath meditation is safe and recommended. (Not longer than two hours, and only for these four days.)

“Why the Deep Full Breath? It charges your brain—which is the part in the body that is most easily able to perceive Divinity.

“As you are in The Breath, let go. Release all worry. Just be. In this, you are your Full Self.”

(See related post Sept. 17 for ten-day meditation. See similar posts Sept. 2011 for a full week of messages on the potency of the equinox cycle, and in 2011 the transition into the new Cosmic Age. Interestingly, I personally didn’t know or realize until last September that the equinox is such a powerful time for us to reach the higher energies.)

~ ~ ~

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About Charol Messenger

This blog offers Higher Self messages and insights on how to live spiritually in a world in transformation. Written in meditation, it comes from the I AM Universal Consciousness, Oversoul Samuel, Angels of Serendipity who oversee the Akashic Records, and ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is written to all humanity, giving us uplifting inspired visions of what is happening in the world. It includes forecasts and predictions of world and cosmic events and humanity's physical and spiritual evolution ... as well as how to deal with all the changes in a positive and constructive way and make the most of our lives, no matter what else is occurring around us or in the world. Charol Messenger activated into cosmic consciousness in 1975 during a spontaneous mystical awakening and oversoul merge. She is a global clairvoyant with enhanced empathy.
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