Autumnal Equinox 2012 Focus: Live Consciously

from the Infinite Consciousness

“Kindness restores personal self-esteem. To be in your own self-acceptance, each day focus on: I am allowing. I am aware. I am comforting.

“As a person who is a gift to others—by your willingness to be supportive—you are now upleveling into a new inner self-realization: Everything I say matters. How I speak matters. You realize that your words carry the power to affect others: to give support and to share encouragement, or to denigrate.

“So, it matters: Who are you? You are your words. To be a positive force in the world, use words that lift others up, words that generate self-insight, words that kindle compassion.

“You, friend, are now your full potential self already. So be it. The days of distress are in your past. Live as if you are now the fully aware being of gentle compassion, and that is who you are becoming. Live as if you already are your fully charged self of the divine consciousness, and you become a speaker of wisdom.

“Words are how you help to heal the world. Heal your own self-limitations by being aware of how you think. Be aware of your thoughts, which become the words you speak. Your thoughts are the words you put out into the world. Your thoughts can heal (you, and others), or can tear down.

“So to learn the power of your words, know your thoughts … and tend them. Tend your thoughts (feelings, attitudes, judgments) and you are living consciously. Tend your thoughts and your words then carry the clarity of Divine Foresight.

“Be a speaker of wisdom, not denigration. Be a speaker of healing, not hatred. Tarry not in dismay. Rise into your own full clear self-understanding: the sensibility to know which words will heal, which words will restore, which words will lift others up into their grace.

“Know the power of your own presence: it is in speaking consciously. Do not toss out words that are careless or that destroy. Use words with precision. Know the power of what you speak. Everyone feels it. You affect everyone around you by your words (thoughts, feelings, attitudes). So be aware—of your words. Be conscious. Live  consciously. It is a responsibility. It is the responsibility of a self-aware human being.”

(See other posts on the autumnal equinox shift into the Higher Self consciousness, starting Sept. 17. Also see a week of posts Sept. 2011 on the potent transition into the new Cosmic Age and the dissipation of “the veil.”)

~ ~ ~

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About Charol Messenger

This blog offers Higher Self messages and insights on how to live spiritually in a world in transformation. Written in meditation, it comes from the I AM Universal Consciousness, Oversoul Samuel, Angels of Serendipity who oversee the Akashic Records, and ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is written to all humanity, giving us uplifting inspired visions of what is happening in the world. It includes forecasts and predictions of world and cosmic events and humanity's physical and spiritual evolution ... as well as how to deal with all the changes in a positive and constructive way and make the most of our lives, no matter what else is occurring around us or in the world. Charol Messenger activated into cosmic consciousness in 1975 during a spontaneous mystical awakening and oversoul merge. She is a global clairvoyant with enhanced empathy.
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