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cropped-spiritual-hierarchy-11.jpgThis site is Higher Self messages from angels and the Universal Consciousness. See hundreds of posts from March 2011 to present.  About this site  See personal blog at

Many of you write me with specific questions and interests. The best way I can share with you is through my books, teachings from my oversoul and the angels. They all relate to the journey and were written for you. See all print books at my online store. I also offer personal readings for specific insights, available at my clairvoyant site.

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For the duration of this Higher Self blog – I will announce new books – which are available at my new Online Bookstore.

MY NEXT NEW BOOK, in quality paperback, 411 pages, print only: MEMOIR 2Available in May! KIRKUS REVIEW: “Harrowing cautionary tale … inspiring.”

pen writing doctorBOOK  155 books (65 novels) substantive edited since 1994, in all genres.    Email: - phone weekdays 303-221-4409

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Charol’s Personal Blog


PLEASE VISIT MY “PERSONAL BLOG” at with topics I personally care about. Topics so far:

Wild Tigers on Verge of Extinction – 3000 tigers in the wild are on the verge of extinction – in our lifetime. For details, see: Born Free Foundation and

Fareed Zakaria – I greatly admire the wisdom, insight, and discourse of Fareed Zakaria. His analyses on GPS are crisp, relevant, and on point. He sees truth, and speaks truth. Refreshing.

Taking My Body Back – I have been “reframing” how I experience my body. About four months ago….  read more

Last Wonders of the World – Have you seen The Wonder List with Bill Weir, on CNN? Top of my must-see list. Inspiring.

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The Divine Knowing Is in Every One

Universal Consciousness is the Mind that pervades all that is: all humans, all creatures, all living organisms, the earth, the seas, all worlds — in all universes.

This is the One of whom we are all a part, and how we are all the same. For every one of us has the Divine Knowing inside of us. All we need do is be still, and feel it, hear it.

This Divine Knowing is an innate part of what we are. It is in our cells. It is in our genes. It is in the very Source of our identity: our soul.

Every one of us is this Divine Knowing — so, it is always with us. All we need is be still. And we are there. //

~ From the I AM, written in the Higher Consciousness, copyright 2015 Charol Messenger

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