The Inimitable Imagination from which all insight pours


Here, find your dreams motivated, your hopes inspired. Here, see yourself – the Whole you – and reach to live in that full inspiration … to Fully Be.

Welcome to the new visions of futurist and visionary author Charol Messenger, written in the higher consciousness of the oversoul/higher self, with meditations and counsel from the Angels of Serendipity and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

At this site and in all of Charol’s books, find spiritual and metaphysical inspiration and teachings. The divine insights come from the Universal Consciousness, of which we are all a part – the Whole.

Topics on this site and in all the books, eBooks, and upcoming audio books, are:
A new perspective on humanity’s shift – new thoughts – new visions – new perceptions. On:
• A vision of who we are, why we are, what we are becoming, and how we can be a reflection of the Divine Consciousness – so that you, I, all of us are reminded of our exquisite capabilities
• How to fully embrace The Source, within, which is the inner consciousness and our doorway to All That Is
• Meditations – to explore who you are, and the fullest capacity of your ability to dream, to hope, to create. For we are all creators – and we are in this world as creators to expand what is and what has been into what can be. We are not only our bodies. We are more.

We are exponential – without limit. Every one of us is able to access and share the Inimitable Imagination from which all creativity, wisdom, and insight pour. We are this Source manifest. It is us. And we are it. This is the nature of our being. Let us Fully Be. //

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The Voice Within

Universal Consciousness is the Divine Mind. It is the Source of all energy and all original creativity. It is the Origin of all that is.

Each of us has direct access to the Universal Mind — because we are a part of it. It is our origin, and it is us in our Full Nature.

Each of us — every person — has this Mind within. It is called the “still small voice of God.” It is gentle. It is encouraging. It is our Inner Counselor, in all aspects of our lives.

We each have this “still small voice within.” It is a part of us that has always been, and will always be.

The Divine Consciousness is all-encompassing. It is the Source of all that exists, and it is also That To Which we owe our being. We all came from the Universal Consciousness — for it has always been, and will always be.

So, dear friends — let us remember who we are, and live as if we are divine. For we are.

You are divine, as is every other person, and creature. This is who you really are. Now live it. //

~ From the Angels of Serendipity, written in the Higher Self resonance. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger.

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Treat Animals As We Would Wish to be Treated

PenguinsIMG_0646copyAll creatures have the divine spark and are conscious. All creatures feel, think, and have needs.

It is the wise person who treats creatures with respect. For as we do to others, so is done to us. The energy we put out (attitudes, beliefs, actions) is who we are — and we all attract to ourselves who we are.

When considering the life of animals — should they be treated cruelly, any more than we should? Is it what we want for ourselves? No.

Respecting all forms of life is to be a full human being, one who no longer is restrained by the barbaric practices of the past. All animals deserve to be treated with honor, whatever their role in the world. To do less is to live as if one has no concern except for self’s own lust for power. And that brings its own consequences.

To live with a peaceful heart, treat all people and all animals as if they are you. //

~ From Angels of Serendipity, written in the Higher Self resonance of clear inner knowing in the I AM consciousness. Copyright Charol Messenger 2014.

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Jon Stewart on Pig Cruelty

On the 11-19-14 Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he brings to light: Pigs confined in gestational crates. The animals are so confined in a metal cage (row after row after row) that they cannot lie down, turn around, or even stretch their limbs. They spend 80% of their lives like this. The videos are very disturbing. Thank you, Jon, for bringing this unconscionable cruelty to our attention – in your usual brilliant way. May we do better. We are not alone in this world, and we have responsibilities to be caretakers.

Look for re-airing. (show title guest, Jessica Chastain)

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Our Two Key Life Lessons

Dearest humanity, we are all in an increasing expansion of self-awareness. That is the primary tone of this century.

As we become more caring toward others, and feel and acknowledge their value, so we ourselves become more at peace. This is the primary accomplishment of our lifetime.

These two elements are what shape us — and will reshape the world.

It is up to each of us to go deep within, into this inner revelation of our eternal Self, so that we will fully be all that we came into this life to be.

Blessings to you during these times. Bless the souls of those who are troubled, and the souls of those who have been killed, by whatever cause. It is our opportunity to help them let go of this world and embrace the light that awaits them.

May we, now, send them on our wings of prayer into the loving arms of friends and loved ones, angels and saints, who stand at their sides, ready to receive them. //

~ Written in the Higher Self resonance, from the Angels of Serendipity. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger.

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Your Inherent Shield of Protection

Humanity, transition is the way of life, in all worlds, in all dimensions. We are always evolving and developing new ways to be. This is the nature of life, in all forms.

Understand that the best way to live in contentment, without fear, is to always accept that, no matter what happens, you are protected. The safety of your life and body is in your own expansive sense of goodwill. As you expand your ability to be compassionate, then you, equally, expand the force field of divine energy around you, which works as a buffer and reflection against all opposing forces.

Trust your inherent ability to know that you are always surrounded by this field of magnetic energy. It is with you to whatever degree you live with strength of goodwill toward others.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

You are the very person you would hope to be. Now live this in practice and, likewise, magnify the divine forces of nature — which vibrate out from you and around you.

This is your protection. And it works in all circumstances. Fear not. Instead, be at peace. Worry not. Instead, trust the inherent wisdom within you. //

~ From the Angels of Serendipity, through the I AM. Written in the clairvoyant resonance of the Oversoul Consciousness, under the guidance of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger. For related information and techniques, see Charol’s book Intuition for Every Day. Intuition for Every Day

COMING SOON: Charol’s new memoir THE SVENGALI IN MY BED: A Dramatic True Story – A spiritual woman relentlessly defies a menacing alcoholic narcissist (Kindle in November, print edition January). Plus new ebook MILLENNIAL SPIRITUALITY (January).

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How You Find Purpose

“Humanity, strive toward your highest potential. This is who you came to be.

“Let not discouragement be the measure of your life. Instead, let only hope and perseverance be that which shapes your thoughts and endeavors. For all else is less than the true Self you already are.

“This is the day of your Greater Self. Be who you are at your core. This is who you really are — full of goodwill, full of inspiration, ready to be one who is an example of all that is good about the human spirit.

“This is the day to take hold of your own pure serenity and fully give of yourself to service. For in helping others do you find yourself. In helping others, you see why you are here. In helping others, you realize the spirit of your Full Self — which is all that you have hoped to become. Know this, you already are. Now live it.”

~ from the Angels of Serendipity, written in the clairvoyant resonance of the Oversoul Consciousness, under the guidance of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger.

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