The Inimitable Imagination from which all insight pours


Here, find your dreams motivated, your hopes inspired. Here, see yourself – the Whole you – and reach to live in that full inspiration … to Fully Be.

Welcome to the new visions of futurist and visionary author Charol Messenger, written in the higher consciousness of the oversoul/higher self, with meditations and counsel from the Angels of Serendipity and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

At this site and in all of Charol’s books, find spiritual and metaphysical inspiration and teachings. The divine insights come from the Universal Consciousness, of which we are all a part – the Whole.

Topics on this site and in all the books, eBooks, and upcoming audio books, are:
• A new perspective on humanity’s shift
• New thoughts
• New visions
• New perceptions

• A vision of who we are, why we are, what we are becoming, and how we can be a reflection of the Divine Consciousness – so that you, I, all of us are reminded of our exquisite capabilities
• How to fully embrace The Source, within, which is the inner consciousness and our doorway to All That Is
• Meditations – to explore who you are, and the fullest capacity of your ability to dream, to hope, to create. For we are all creators – and we are in this world as creators to expand what is and what has been into what can be. We are not only our bodies. We are more.

We are exponential – without limit. Every one of us is able to access and share the Inimitable Imagination from which all creativity, wisdom, and insight pour. We are this Source manifest. It is us. And we are it. This is the nature of our being. Let us Fully Be. //

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Heaven Sent

original Hubble image Wings of Light“Universal consciousness is in all living beings. We of the Angels of Serendipity are among the abundance of angels assisting humanity in this time. We are countless. In numbers beyond count.

“Let us assure you, humanity is brinking upon a future of resolution. There will be a revelation, in time, of how to go forward with imagination. The insights that lift you up and propel you to do good, these are heaven sent and you can embrace them for your life and your intention.

“Know this, all of humanity has only just entered a new Cosmic Age, which is a period of extraordinary developments in the sciences, in human health and healing; and in how to begin to come together for the greater good.

“It is not a fast transformation. Nor is it without struggle to achieve. But it is the path you are on, and we are here to help you. You are not alone. Your brothers and sisters who have gone before you, they show you the way, and give you counsel.

“Have hope, humanity. Despair not. But hold fast, and be absolutely sure: your talents and your vision are why you are here. So share your wisdom, that others may also be encouraged.”

~ From Archangel Michael and the Angels of Serendipity, written through the Oversoul Consciousness, under the guidance of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger. For similar teachings on the angels, see Walking with Angels, The Memory, Wings of Light, and the Angel eBook series coming in 2015 (to be notified, follow this site).

Cover Wings of Lightcover WalkingAngels finalThe Memory

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U.S. Globally

Received 8-17-14, tapped into Collective Unconscious, in clairvoyant resonance: Troops on the ground, Syria? – “No.”     Troops on the ground, Iraq? – “No.”     Military support? – “Yes.”     Covert ops? – “Yes.”     U.S. footprint? = “No… Global alliance.”     Kurdistan a new state? – “Yes.”     Sunnis stronger role in Iraq? – “Struggle.”     Kurds? – “New state.”     Information volunteered (not sought): Hillary Clinton will win. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger.

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Cure for Alzheimer’s

8/21/14 8:20 a.m. MT – There is a cure for the Alzheimer’s virus. It is already in trials… Meanwhile: strong nutrition, antioxidants, build immune system, to minimize inherent inclinations toward the infection; which is reversible. ~ Perceived through the Collective Unconscious, in the clairvoyant resonance. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger

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Real Life Close Encounters?

ORION BELT 220px-Orion_BeltThe following insights came while watching a 2010 program of Ancient Aliens, on H2 cable channel. I watch these programs not only for my enjoyment; but now mainly because I learned in December 2012 that as soon as I start them, I start channeling. The programs trigger my connection to these topics about aliens and UFOs and human evolution.

The following discussion is questions posed by the program, and answered in my inner knowing (these I have indented). Followed by a flow of new information and insights on the physical and spiritual evolution of humanity, that is happening right now — written in the clairvoyant resonance of the inner knowing, tapping into the Cosmic Hall of Records. And, yes, the inner knowing is the inner voice; in this case, with papers such as this, from the angels, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and Job, Ascended Elder from Orion and Ambassador to Earth. The following was received at midnight.

UFO sightings by
President Jefferson? — Yes.
Christopher Columbus? — Yes.
Crusaders in the Middle Ages? — Yes.

UFOs are not new. Beings have visited Earth since she first was able to support life. (from Job)

Recently? The program discusses the U.S. military test of the first atomic bomb, in Alamogordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945. I hadn’t realized before — that was two days after I was born, in Amarillo, Texas. Maybe my soul knew something. I’ve always known I volunteered to be here this life.

The question: Atomic warfare in the ancient past? — Yes. It was the destruction of Atlantis. (from Job)

Bhagavad Gita? — Yes.
Mahabharata? — Yes.

The program discusses an archeological expedition in the Indus Valley in southern Pakistan, referenced in the book Atomic Destruction in 2000 B.C. by British researcher David Davenport. Was this evidence of an atomic explosion? — Yes.

The world has always been a testing ground for many types of warfare. Humans are predisposed to strong reactions. It is only in the last 45 years that humanity has begun to break its grip on a violence mentality. (from the angels, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, and Spiritual Hierarchy)

This sudden shift in perspectives is concurrent with the physical evolution now taking place in the human race — and also is a spiritual journey toward overcoming self-destructive urges.

This is why patience is required, now and in the decades to come. It is a major shift in cultural beliefs and standards. Some peoples adapt more quickly. Those who do are needed to gently guide others to more peaceful resolutions. Tolerance is needed.

Yes, I believe we must keep an open mind about humanity’s past, and future; and about the presence of non-terrestrial beings in human cultures. For we have much yet to learn, and much yet to know.

This era in which we now live is a turning point in human history — unlike any before ever experienced. We are, indeed, in a new cycle. And it is 26,500 years — and onset September 22, 2011.

We are in the new age, the new cosmic age. It is in this cycle that humanity begins to transcend the old physical traits and inclinations.

So, yes, patience is needed. Tolerance is needed. We are only just beginning.

Does this mean we should ignore violent acts of others? No. One’s actions must always have consequences. This is how we learn to improve our own values and expectations.

So, what are we to do about cruelty? — Face it. Stop it.

And how are we to respond to people who seem soulless by their actions, such as terrorists, such a ISIS? — Stop them.

We are not asked to allow the cruel to run loose in the world. Justice is a tool to serve in the transformation of hearts.//

(to be continued) Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger.

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Your Direct Link to God

Universal consciousness pervades every mind in this world. We all have direct access to spiritual insights. Each of us was born with this inherent part of our Nature. No matter who we are, where we are, when we were born, or our life circumstances — everyone on this planet has the Natural inborn ability to hear the Divine, in the heart. This is who we are. This is who we have always been. We are all a part of that vast Cosmic Consciousness. It is us, collectively. Therefore, on this day, and each day —

Be still, and know that God is in your heart, and in your mind, now.

~ from the Angels of Serendipity, those who oversee humanity and the ever-evolving Akashic Records of the humanity experience, all souls, all angels. Written in the clairvoyant resonance of the Oversoul Consciousness, under the guidance of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Copyright 2014 Charol Messenger.

When these messages touch your heart, inspire you — please like and share on Facebook and Twitter … so that others are also inspired.

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Doctor Confirms Charol Messenger’s Prediction

The following comment refers to an article, “Children Since 2001 – The New Minds, Larger Occipital Lobe,” published in Humanity 2.0 in 2012, the first book in my New Humanity Series. Enhanced Humanity is third in the series (publishing this weekend). The New Humans is second in the series. They all write on similar topics.

“This is one of the most interesting articles I have read. My son, who was born in 1997, has always wondered about the larger part on the back of his head or rather what he calls a big bump. After a thorough check up before a youth academy this summer, he shared it with the physician, who explained the larger occipital lobe to him and gave him this article to read. Although he says it is really rare to have this earlier than 2001. After reading it as a mother, I was like this is my son! I would love to learn more about this! Thanks so much for sharing!” ~ Karen, Colorado

Humanity 2.0: The TranscensionCover NEW HUMANS border

Cover Enhanced Humanity




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